Hernandez Family Story


It all started when...

In 2008 God called Osmany and Jennifer Hernandez, along with their children, to begin sharing the love of Christ with the people in the mountain village of San Jose de Pane, Honduras (Pane for short).  Although Pane is a large village of about 300 families it had no evangelical Christian witness.  As the Hernandezes demonstrated God’s love to the families, and especially the children, they were invited to move there–and so they did.

Since then God has used the Hernandezes to plant thriving churches not only in Pane but also two of the surrounding villages.  These churches, along with XMA volunteer teams are now ministering and sharing Christ in many other local villages as well.

As the Hernandezes continued working in Pane God planted the vision for the New Life Project in their hearts.  The goal of the New Life Project is to teach the children and their families what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ while also giving them help with education and life skills.  The New Life Project now includes two large classroom buildings, a medical/dental clinic, and housing for Honduran staff and XMA short-term volunteer missionaries.

Here’s the story of Rebeca’s medical issue in Jennifer’s own words:

In August of last year my girls were all diagnosed with Hepatitis A which was going around our village. The disease ran its course and we did not think much about it. In September we noticed that Rebeca was turning yellow again. Even more so than when she had hepatitis so we took her back to the doctor. They were not too concerned thinking it was just a relapse of Hep A. They gave her some meds and asked us to come back in a week. When we went back a week later she was much worse. Her liver was very enlarged and I saw the alarm on all of the doctor’s faces. They sent us to San Pedro Sula to a specialist and they ran test but at that point we decided to come back to the US. Since then it has been a journey. Rebeca was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis Type 1. She has severe cirrhosis of the liver and for a while they thought she would need a liver transplant. But even with the cirrhosis her liver continued to function normally, Praise God. After treatment was started she got better very fast. Treatment for autoimmune hepatitis is usually between 1 and 3 years with an 80% relapse rate after treatment is stopped. She has done so well they thought maybe they could wean her off early but results from the liver biopsy last week still show inflammation and her blood test still show signs of autoimmune hepatitis.

We have been in the US for the last 9 months only seeing my husband a few times and missing our home so the doctors have decided to let us go home but we would need to travel back every 3 months for blood tests and more medication (it is not available in Honduras).


The Hernandez family needs your prayers, especially for Rebeca’s healing, so they can all be back together as a family serving the people of Pane.  They also need our financial help as they have no insurance coverage for the extensive US treatment or for the travel every three months. 

We have set a goal of $12,000 to cover the airfare and help with medical expenses.