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Revitaleyes vision care teams

  • Did you know that VISION IMPAIRMENT is one of the greatest World Health Problems?

  • OVER 5 MILLION PEOPLE have vision problems that can be corrected with a PAIR OF READING GLASSES.

  • Some serious eye diseases can be prevented or delayed simply by WEARING GLASSES.

  • In many countries lack of ACCESS TO GLASSES is the main barrier to correcting and protecting vision.

These are astounding facts!  But the truth behind these astounding facts is that you can make a difference.  See how one of our ReVitalEyes vision care teams did just that for a sweet little lady named Juanita and how you can do the same... RevitalEyes info

Alicia project school supplies

To be honest, without your help, there’s not much hope for Alicia as she grows up.  Alicia, her family, and her community are all trapped in a cycle of spiritual darkness, poverty, and injustice.  A self-perpetuating cycle that will most likely see her raped and pregnant before she turns 13.  It’s the only life her mother, grandmother, and endless generations before them have known.  Their innocence, adolescence, and future stolen away by forced sex and early pregnancy.

See how your $22 invest can bring hope to Alicia...

What is SALT? (And why are we so excited about it?)

SALT (Sloping Agricultural Land Technology) is a system developed for farming on small, mountainous plots of land.  It is a series of terraces built from plants that prevent soil erosion and replace nutrients back into the soil.  The SALT method of planting is simple in application, requiring no special technology, no sophisticated equipment, and no wordy manual.  It can be taught and duplicated by local farmers using available materials.

Why are we so excited about it?  Because with this one simple process of terracing plants a family’s life and future can be changed.  Through an extensionist local farmers are taught the SALT system of farming which brings better and increased crops, a more sustainable way of raising produce, and the ability to better provide for their families.

Alexis Perez is the extensionist in Olanchito, Honduras.  This past year he was able to train 35 farmers in the SALT process. That’s 35 families whose lives will be changed from learning this technique.  But Alexis doesn’t just teach agriculture and meet a physical need.  He is also sharing the Gospel through Bible stories with every family he works with, meeting their spiritual needs as well.

Through a short training, given by one man, families’ futures are being changed. You can join Alexis and be a part of transforming people’s lives in Honduras. Your monthly partnership of $50 will help support Alexis and his family as he continues to bring the Gospel to the people of Honduras. Good, trustworthy, in-country partners are hard to find. Please consider partnering with Alexis with a gift of $50 a month or more to ensure the SALT project will continue to the work of changing live in Honduras.

Kate Maverick*

*Kate’s name has been changed so that she may also serve in restricted areas.