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Revitaleyes vision care teams

  • Did you know that VISION IMPAIRMENT is one of the greatest World Health Problems?

  • OVER 5 MILLION PEOPLE have vision problems that can be corrected with a PAIR OF READING GLASSES.

  • Some serious eye diseases can be prevented or delayed simply by WEARING GLASSES.

  • In many countries lack of ACCESS TO GLASSES is the main barrier to correcting and protecting vision.

These are astounding facts!  But the truth behind these astounding facts is that you can make a difference.  See how one of our ReVitalEyes vision care teams did just that for a sweet little lady named Juanita and how you can do the same... RevitalEyes info

Alicia project school supplies

To be honest, without your help, there’s not much hope for Alicia as she grows up.  Alicia, her family, and her community are all trapped in a cycle of spiritual darkness, poverty, and injustice.  A self-perpetuating cycle that will most likely see her raped and pregnant before she turns 13.  It’s the only life her mother, grandmother, and endless generations before them have known.  Their innocence, adolescence, and future stolen away by forced sex and early pregnancy.

See how your $22 invest can bring hope to Alicia...


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