Juanita is one of the sweetest little ladies you’ve ever met – warm, friendly, happy.  But life threw her a curve.  Like blind Bartimaeus in the Gospels, she found herself out on the roadside begging for a living.  On a good day Juanita makes 25 cents from the plastic bottles she collects from other people’s trash as she wanders the streets of Siguatepeque, Honduras.  Then, like Bartimaeus, one day she met Jesus (in the form of an XMA ReVitalEyes team and now she can see again. Watch her story then see how you can do the same...


As we see from Jesus’ life meeting physical needs often opens the heart and mind to spiritual needs. Sharing the Good News with Juanita and others is an integral part of XMA’s ReVitalEyes vision care ministry. Our goal is for all those we serve to receive their sight, follow Jesus, and praise God.


Juanita is just one of millions whose life could be drastically changed with a $2 pair of glasses.

  • “Approximately 500 million people in developing countries are visually impaired because they do not have access to reading glasses.  For these people eyeglasses often are either inaccessible or unaffordable.”

                     - World Health Organization

  • “Visual impairment is more than a health problem.  It has economic, educational, and public safety implications.  For example, in Tanzania 71% of people are farsighted and are dissatisfied with their ability to do near work such as winnowing grain, sewing, reading, and cooking food. But only 6% of the people in Tanzania who are farsighted have eyeglasses.”

                      - RestoringVision.org

These are astounding facts!  Half a billion people cannot see to take care of themselves and their families simply because they do not have reading glasses.  But the truth behind these astounding facts is that you can make a difference for people like Juanita.  

Three ways you can follow Jesus’ example of restoring vision and life to overlooked people in the developing world -

  • GO - By simply giving one week of your life as an XMA volunteer you can help restore vision and life to hundreds and hundreds of people.  With just an hour training we can equip anyone to help meet this urgent need. (It’s really as simple as trying on readers at the drugstore–except these people don’t have a CVS on the corner.) You can give the gift of restored vision and New Life to those in desperate need!  Call Fran at 318-728-6346 or email Fgriffith@xmaonline.com now.
  • GIVE - Even if you can’t go with us you can still follow Jesus’s example by donating to our ReVitaleyes ministry.  Your $20 donation will provide 10 pair of glasses.  $400 fills a backpack with enough glasses for a rural village.  $1,000 will help send a ReVitaleyes team out into the harvest fields.  Give online now or mail your check today.
  • PRAY – Jesus tell us in Luke 10, “The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.”  Join us in prayer for God to call out volunteers to serve for 1 week in XMA’s ReVitaleyes ministry.

You can be the answer to someone’s prayer, “Lord, I want to see…”?  Will you GO?  Will you GIVE?  Will you PRAY?