You can answer God's call to send the Gospel to the unreached!


XMA Senders is a brand new program to help connect Goers with Senders

Did you know that for every XMA volunteer who goes more than 41 people are served - 1 unreached person comes to know Christ, another 8 are discipled, 7 receive God’s Word, 17 see an evangelistic film, and 8 under-served people in remote areas receive medical, dental and eye care?
Watch this exciting 1 minute video of how your faithful gifts to XMA are impacting the world for Christ!

By giving monthly, XMA Senders partner with us to send more hope, More love, more of Christ into our world.

Not every Christian can go on an XMA trip, but all are called to fulfill the Great Commission. The Bible is clear, there are two complimentary roles to the Great Commission–Goers and Senders. As an XMA Sender you are truly a partner in everything we do, a co-worker alongside every XMA volunteer as they serve the unreached in Christ’s name. We simply cannot be Goers if we do not have Senders backing us with prayer and financial support! 

Become an XMA Sender now, it's quick, easy, and secure!