Adventure with a Purpose

What is it like to be part of an Adventure with a Purpose?  Take a look at these comments from a recent team that served in Olanchito, Honduras to find out...

Michael Grabowski
The trip to Honduras was truly a humbling experience. I tend to be pretty quiet and shy, but God wouldn't let me be that way during the trip. God put me out of my comfort zone to stretch and grow me and be able to share the Gospel and bring glory and honor to His name. Everywhere we went I felt His presence and Him working through me and the other members on the team. We too often take for granted the things we have access to here in the US. We have just about anything we want at our fingertips. In Honduras they are happy just to have a roof over their head, some clothes to wear, and food to eat. It was an honor to do God's work. I hope I was a blessing to the people of Honduras as they were to me. I pray we can go back and see how the seeds we planted in their hearts grew.

Blair Shimandle
Honduras made me realize life is a constant mission. There is nothing as rewarding as the Holy Spirit moving in yourself as you witness the Holy Spirit moving in others. I'm already planning and saving for my next trip.

Jennifer Pearson
Honduras was an eye-opening experience. I saw God bring people together of all ages and different nationalities for the common purpose of worshiping and learning about Him. God revealed the importance of obedience to me in Honduras! Stepping outside of my comfort zone in obedience to Him is hard and very scary, but so much joy comes in those uncomfortable moments when I know it's for His glory!

Jason Bennett
I loved seeing my Rosemont family faithfully testify and teach God's word in Honduras. I believe the people of Quebrada Plana are worth the grueling hike necessary to reach them with the Good News of Jesus and his teachings. I praise God for using us to reach in to the heart of Honduras with his love.

Chris Griffin
Our trip to Honduras was spiritually uplifting and physically challenging. When we were in the mountains, in those villages, I was confident that's where God wanted us. He not only used us to speak truths to the people in Honduras, but he blessed us through the experience itself. Thankful to experience it with my son. God willing, we'll be back next year.

Ben Griffin
God showed me how eager people are to learn about him. And how big a need there is for the lost to hear his name.

Katie Belle Oliver
Going on the Honduras trip has really changed my life, seeing the joy in the people's eyes when you tell them that there is a Savior is simply indescribable. These people are so content and have such simple happiness, they really have inspired me through my daily life. I definitely saw God work in not only the people of Honduras' hearts but also in my team's. These people have truly captured my heart at work in Honduras.