Kids Helping Kids - Mary Lea Dunn

Our Vacation Bible School theme this year was Ocean Commotion. We learned all about Noah and how his obedience to God changed the world. We talked about our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who might live in a different place in our world, but how our obedience could make a difference too! The kids responded each night bringing piggy banks and Ziploc bags full of change that they had saved at home. You know, the kids at our church could have bought anything they wanted with that money, but they chose to give it to some less fortunate kiddos in Honduras. To say that this VBS director was blessed would be an understatement.

The kids brought in $492.19 and it is now helping with the New Life Project in Pane, Honduras. I actually got to go and experience this ministry for myself, so I know the difference that the NLP is making in tons of children's lives. Have you been searching for a place to give your VBS offering? Well if so, give to this ministry--you will be glad you did!