Limited Resources - Terry Parks

As winter deepens in the US, January brings summer time to Nicaragua. The season marks the harvest of coffee and the start of the school year in February. Each school year in the US marks a great push for gathering school supplies for children. In Nicaragua the same holds true but with limited resources for families in the remote villages the purchase of backpacks and supplies for their children is very difficult. This scenario is too often seen during our adventures. 

Last year Christy Riser made the same observation and the idea for a new project was initiated. The goal of providing backpacks for children has grown into a project to also provide packs for the men and a simple shoulder bag for the women. The packs will provide necessary items for the children to bring to school, personal items for families, and a bag for the men to carry their items as they work in the fields each day. Most importantly, each pack will contain a copy of the Bible. Our goal is to use the packs as a ministry tool illustrating the love of God. Scriptures will be highlighted in each Bible clearly outlining the steps to making a personal decision to follow Christ as their Savior. 

The packs are manufactured for water resistancy and durability yet they, and the provisions inside, are relatively inexpensive. A donation of just ten dollars will place a pack in the hands of an individual along with an opportunity to share the Gospel. We can't do this alone! We need your help in providing the resources necessary to purchase these backpacks. We will begin to distribute the packs during trips this summer and continue this effort throughout the year.