Talk Like a DOG & Talk About GOD - Jay Adcock

Last week I was given the opportunity to do a voice over for a television commercial. I received a message from our pastor's wife, who does this type of work, telling me of the need for a male English speaker to do a small job. While I haven't ever done this kind of thing, I thought this would be an interesting experience. I showed up at the studio and was introduced to Martin, the sound technician. After a few minutes of chatting with him about the process, he walked me through the sound checks and off we went. I spent about 15 minutes doing the voice of...a dog! It was really fun to use my creativity and channel my inner dog while I ran through the three lines that they needed recorded.

I then was taken into the sound room where Martin let me hear what he had recorded as he worked quickly to edit it. I began to ask about him and his life in this industry and, of course, he was quick to ask about my life here in Slovenia. I shared with him about our work with the Evangelical Church of Radovljica and how we live our lives for the Lord, to glorify Him in all we do. Typically this is where people dismiss me as one of those crazy people and end the conversation, but Martin responded with, "It's funny you say that because while I went to the Catholic church as a child, I find myself seeking God. I don't like the church but you guys seem different." I thanked him for his kind words and then he asked if he could visit our church to see for himself what it was like. I told him that the church building is just a place where we meet, but I hoped he would visit to experience the followers of Christ gathered together in worship of Jesus. Martin responded with, "I think I will come".  Honestly, I have heard this so many times here in Slovenia that I thought odds were that I wouldn't see him at church.

Sunday morning, in walks Martin! Jada and I were so encouraged by this. Our pastor taught on "why and how we, as believers, live our lives for Jesus". After the service Martin said that he enjoyed his time and found our church much different from his past experiences.

You see we never know what God is up to in the seemingly daily routines of our lives. I went to talk like a DOG in a commercial and yet ended up talking about GOD to a sound engineer. Interesting how God seems to turn around our jobs, routines, and interactions into opportunities to share the message of hope, our hope in Christ. God is doing great things here in Slovenia. He gives us a glimpse of the harvest but calls us to continue to work. Thank you all for making this work possible. Thank you for your continued prayer and support for our ministry and our family.