Thankful for God's Great Love - Alfredo Gonzales Rios*

I am so thankful to God for his great love, for the big help of XMA teams, Brother Randy White, Johnny the interpreter, Pastor Brigido, and missionaries that support God's work.

It was my prayer to God for allowing me to preach the Gospel to my people along the Yurua River and after a while God answered my prayer. I am so thankful to the Lord. Moreover, I thank XMA missionaries for the support in spiritual and financial way so that I can continue to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Now I can go to the Asheninka people and villages sharing God's word.

My hope in God is to continue working with XMA missionaries and the Asheninkas of Yurua River.

*Alfredo is a local ministry partner working with Randy White in Peru. He is a vital part of XMA's ministry to the Asheninka.