Starting a New Phase - Jay Adcock

We recently held our first "TotalFit" workout here in our home. As you know, we use the platform of CrossFit for our ministry. TotalFit fills in the missing gap that CrossFit doesn't cover. TotalFit focuses on the body (through intense workouts), the mind (through a series of thoughtful questions), and the soul (through reading Bible stories). We had a nice group for our first session, which included a 16-year-old guy who enjoys working out.

After the training I was able to sit and talk with him about his worldview and his belief in God. He said that he does believe in God but when I pushed in and asked about his relationship with God through Jesus he didn't understand. He was eager to come back and join us again. I'm not sure if it was the enjoyment of the workout or Jada's excellent tacos which she fed the group after we all trained, but either way we were excited about this first of what we hope to be many TotalFit trainings.

Please join us in praying for this young man, that he would truly understand who Jesus is and what He has done for us. Pray for this ministry, that we would be content with what we have and trust God's timing during this season of ministry.