Star Gazing - Tim Smith

I'm an early riser, so when at the XMA mission house in Olanchito, Honduras I always look forward to star gazing before the light of dawn begins to bathe the sky behind the mountain on the other side of the river. It's easy to see and distinguish the straight line pinpoint movement of satellites against the dark black sky as they seem to move through the constellations. The sound of the wind rustling the tree leaves overhead and bird songs that I've never heard anywhere else bring Psalm 19 to life as I stand amazed at the Milky Way galaxy splashed across the sky amongst through thousands of twinkling stars! When doing so, it's easy to imagine Abraham gazing heavenward considering God's promise in Genesis 22:17-18.

January 2017 was my fourth consecutive year to be here, but this time I felt like I was in a spiritual drought and had nothing to offer. In previous trips I'd noticed the area pastors gathering at the tabernacle altar in prayer maybe around 6:00am, followed by a daily devotion delivered by one of their own. this year I decided to join them and recruited a young man in attendance, Giovanny Montoya, to interpret. I was blessed to gain a glimpse of insight to their viewpoints. We go down to continue pastor training, which my pastor, Robert Lindsay, started many years agao. Pastor Dario Delarca shared a moving recollection of how Pastor Robert told him that one day he would send his disciples to continue the work and how quickly that promise has come to pass.