Your Partnership Is Vital! - Savannah*

Savannah* is in full-time ministry in a restricted area.  Kate Maverick leads XMA teams to assist her. 

The basis of our work, cultural tourism, provides us a natural door into life and community and friendship in our area.  As we begin putting a trip together on our end we start by asking the Father to open our eyes to local doors of interest, opportunity, and need.  On her end Kate gets to know you, your passions, desires, skills, and experience, and what kind of opportunity you are looking for.  Then we are able to work together to find opportunities to meet Kingdom purposes.

On a recent trip Kate's willingness to learn about local cookie making provided an opportunity to contact a local sister who has not met with others for fellowship over the past ten years!  The relaxed atmosphere of cookie making provided a safe place to share my testimony and ask this sister for hers.  When our conversation got more intense and personal I could sense Kate's support.  Her presence to lift up our conversation, and then to take charge of an active five-year-old was a huge benefit!  Walking around our city to experience local life becomes an avenue for prayer.  Shopping for normal tourist items yielded an opportunity to share a Bible story. 

The importance of having others to work alongside me cannot be overestimated!  I am incredibly grateful for the benefit of partnering with Kate and XMA teams who come to help us in our work.  These groups truly extend our ability to help and serve and speak into the local community  Your partnership with us is vital!

*Name changed for security purposes.