What's the Gospel Worth?

Let’s do a little analysis here.  How many people came to know Jesus through your church’s ministry last year?  Not ‘lateral transfers’ of moving from one church to another or lapsed Christians coming back but real, lost people who came to know Christ.  (If you don’t know call your church office and ask.) 

Now divide your church’s annual budget by that number. (Again, call your church if you don’t know.)  This is the average cost for your church to bring one person to Christ!

I imagine you came up with a pretty shocking number.

If we are willing to invest this much money to reach one American (and I’m not saying we shouldn’t) how can we say it costs too much to take the Gospel to those who have never heard and have no access to God’s Word?

For every volunteer who served with XMA last year 1 previously unreached person accepted the Lord!  In addition to this salvation another 24 people heard a clear presentation of the Gospel and 8 believers were discipled.  In addition to sharing Christ XMA volunteers treated 1,644 in medical clinics and fitted 1,073 pair of glasses.

Not a bad return on investment for the $2,000 or so it costs for that volunteer to obey Christ’s command to “Go and do likewise.”

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